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Our Storage Professionals can assist you in determining the storage unit size that best fits your needs. You can also use the information below to get an idea of how much space you will need.

Unit Size Sq. Ft. Price Suggested Use
Unit Size: 6.2′ x 3.6′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 22 Price: $124 Suggested Use: This is good for several boxes, books, and small items.
Unit Size: 5′ x 10′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 50 Price: $178 Suggested Use: A small walk in closet, small furniture, skis, etc.
Unit Size: 7.5′ x 10′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 75 Price: $211 Suggested Use: Good for washer/dryer and some boxes.
Unit Size: 10′ x 10′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 100 Price: $262 Suggested Use: This is good for an efficiency apartment.
Unit Size: 15.6′ x 9.8′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 153 Price: $339 Suggested Use: A one bedroom apartment, refrigerator, washer/dryer.
Unit Size: 11.3′ x 18.8 x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 212 Price: $430 Suggested Use: The contents of a one car garage or a two bedroom house.
Unit Size: 14.5′ x 16.9′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 244 Price: $475 Suggested Use: Can hold 5 to 6 rooms of furniture.
Unit Size: 14.9′ x 22′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 328 Price: $564 Suggested Use: This is good for the contents of a wider trailer or a 4 to 5 bedroom house.
Unit Size: 19.5′ x 22.1′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 431 Price: $763 Suggested Use: Holds the entire contents of a 5 bedroom house.
Unit Size: 30.5′ x 19.8′ x 9′ Sq. Ft.: 604 Price: $1035 Suggested Use: For large amounts of furniture or other large items.
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